The Mechanics of Testosterone and the Art of Bodybuilding

When our male anatomies reach a stage in life called puberty, there are some major changes that are occasioned by production of certain hormones in the body. For instance, when its levels are high, it sends negative feedback which leads to reduction in the levels of leutinising and follicle stimulating hormones. One of the chemicals in the body that brings out these changes is categorized as a hormone by the name testosterone.

Testosterone production takes place in an environment of complex interactions with other body hormones. Such changes are called masculinity and this is why they should be discussed within the realm of bodybuilding so that those in need of information can get it and make informed decisions. These details are unnecessary for the novice bodybuilder who is not so ambitious but they will surely be helpful to those who would like to achieve a feat akin to that of a bodybuilding legend.

A level of testosterone that is high is crucial for sperm production. This is one of the secondary sexual characteristics that go hand in hand with adolescence. By inducing a high level of testosterone, the bodybuilder is in essence telling his body to backdate to the good old days of his youth. This is impossible in the world in which we live in. My point is that testosterone will never be a shortcut to an easy ride into the world of bodybuilders. Those who rely on this hormone in order to build that six pack look are not bodybuilders but people who want to be known as bodybuilders. No wonder that the use of supplements is banned in most competitions. This issue however remains one of the most controversial topics in the history of bodybuilding and can not be exhaustively discussed in one sitting.

A close connection can be drawn between the way testosterone and androgens interact in our bodies. To begin with proper functioning of testosterone must take place in a stable environment. This environment is sustained by the leutinising hormone which is produced by chemicals whose major constituent is androgen. On the other hand a balanced functioning of testosterone in the body leads to androgenic effects and it become difficult to draw a clear line between those effects which are solely due to the presence of testosterone and those which are due to the effects of androgen.

This is where the problems come in when bodybuilders indulge in the use of these hormones to stimulate faster growth and development of bigger and large-mass muscles. There is no way you can introduce such hormones into your body without tampering with the normal functioning of your body. It should be emphasized that these two hormones are also responsible for production of sperms in one way or another. Disturbing the delicate balance therefore exposes you to the sure risk of reproductive complications which often present themselves in the guise of hypogonadism or hypogonadism. This is why all the bodybuilders out there should go back to the good old natural bodybuilding.

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