'Low T': The peril of medicating grumpy old men

'Low T': The peril of medicating grumpy old men
Since 2008, this massive marketing endeavor has targeted middle-age men who have put on some weight, sometimes feel grumpy or get sleepy after meals, encouraging them to have their testosterone levels tested and to consider treatment if levels are low.
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Testosterone use growing amid new safety concerns
Concern, too, is growing that hormone replacement therapy is being aggressively marketed to men with the same fervour that once had women prescribed estrogen at the first sign of a hot flash, and that the successful advertising hype around “low T” …
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Valuing men's health
There's a reason the ads mention the condition could be an issue of decreased blood flow. Not that there isn't a place for this treatment, but with testosterone, replacement therapy, there is an increased risk of heart attack-perhaps double the risk …
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