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Health Column: Arthritis alternatives
Rule out underlying causes for the joint pain and inflammation, such as autoimmune disease, delayed food allergies, low thyroid or declining estrogen or testosterone levels. Then, once osteoarthritis is confirmed, try to get on as many natural anti …
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FDA Approves Aveed Testosterone Jab, with Restrictions
Aveed will offer men with genuinely low testosterone levels and hypogonadism a more convenient treatment option than currently available preparations and has other potential advantages, he observed. REMS Revised; Aveed Advantages Over Other …
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'Urinetown' trying a tad too hard; Doyle, McHatton shine
Well, though it doesn't completely pan out, there are enough satisfactions in director/choreographer Jim Charles' fast-paced treatment of the script to make you return after coffee. My opinion doesn't square with that of Tony voters, who proclaimed the …
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