Types of Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone supplements are something that most men think about using when they get to a certain age and they start to notice that they have many symptoms that signal that they do indeed have a hormone problem. These symptoms can be something as simple as not having the sexual desire that they use to or perhaps they find themselves not being able to sleep soundly anymore, both of which are symptoms of having a testosterone problem.

However, with that being said people need to realize that when they are considering taking testosterone supplements that there are many choices when it comes to which kind that they take. However, there are just three main types that the person can purchase over the counter.

When purchasing the person does need to make sure that they talk this over with their doctor. After all, taking something that you really do not need, is going to cause more problems than what it may help you out with. Plus, the person needs to make sure that they will not suffer any reactions from taking this.

The first type is Aqueous testosterone, which is viewed as one of the most fast acting supplements that are out there. The person will find that they have to inject this into the blood stream, but within a few hours they will feel a difference. This is one that most people go to later, and do not start out with.

Secondly, the person can choose to use Cyponite which is going to be used as an injection, though many pharmacies are now starting to offer this as a tablet that is a bit easier for some people to deal with. This supplement takes over a week for the person to start feeling the effects. However, for those that are just starting out, this is one that comes highly recommended.

The last popular type is Propionate which is going to take around four or five days for the man to actually feel the results. The problem is that this supplement is one that is not easily found without a prescription, which makes it one that most people do not even try, though it could be the winning supplement for them.

In order to choose the one that is best fitting for you, the man should take into consideration just what they are wanting in a supplement and how fast they want this to take effect. They should also take into consideration just how low their testosterone is. Those that may not have very low testosterone will find that using a high grade supplement is a bit too much and may cause them to have adverse side effects such as a short temper or so forth.

Overall, testosterone supplements are available to those men that may be having trouble in tat department. They are going to find that they can benefit from these and that their live can become better by dealing with the low testosterone level that they have in their bodies.

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