DHEA – Does it Increase Testosterone Levels?

The definition of DHEA is a multi-functional steroid to help reduce fatigue, improve mental states of thinking and comprehending, and improving overall well being. This hormone supplement is also a leading supporter in the fight against systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

It is a steroid hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands and performs actions similar to that of testosterone and can be renewed into testosterone or estrogen. DHEA and the DHEA-S (sulfate ester) is the most prolific source of steroid in the human body and to this day their functions are still not completely understood.

As you grow older its levels in the blood slowly declines. Due to this there are supplements that are made to restore these levels of the hormone and can found at health stores, pharmacies, and select grocers. The need for this steroid has been shown to help stave off medical conditions such as SLE and the frightening Alzheimer’s disease. Although this can be purchased over the counter there should be guidance given by a physician after a blood test has been administered to instill a safe practice of taking this natural substance.

For the most part people who are under 50 will not benefit from taking this supplement but there is much argument of this conclusion the more the medical community uncovers its full potential. After using and ingesting the supplement for about three weeks you are highly advised to get another blood test done to check and see if your blood has gained back the proper amount in your system.

Many of the previous studies that were done on DHEA are being debunked the more we learn about it. Athletes were taking this supplement as a way to increase testosterone levels to build muscle mass and increase performance but studies have shown that there is no correlation between building lean muscle or endurance with the use of the hormone.

The reasons that we are seeing many of these issues debunked is because the medical industry is finding evidence that an overabundance of it could cause cancerous cells to form in the breasts of women pre and post menopausal. The research of this natural found steroid is under much controversy and you should not be dabbling with this substance unless instructed by a professional care physician to do so.

Bob Rutledge is president of Legacy Nutritional Products, Inc. and writes about nutritional supplements for men and women. Legacy’s expertise includes research and development of natural therapies for weight loss and hormonal imbalance using herbal, vitamin and mineral food supplements. Legacy manufacturers Testyx free testosterone booster and Fibraslim glucomannan diet supplement.

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