The New Protocols and Standards of One of Florida’s Leading Testosterone Therapy Programs — Testosterone149

Palm Beach, Florida (PRWEB) September 09, 2013

Clinics have been popping up everywhere and private-physician practices suddenly take pride in their hormone-therapy expertise.

Be smarter and get the right information!

Dr. Berman – a leading physician and founder of the Testosterone149 Program – has been practicing Hormone Replacement Therapy for over 15 years. Originally trained in urology and surgery, Dr. Berman is a true expert when it comes to Hormone Replacement Therapy. His thorough knowledge in this specialty stems from extensive research and fellowship programs, as well as from years of specializing in Hormone Correction.

The Testosterone149 Program was designed for the ‘Aging Male,’ a term that encompasses men over the age of 40 who experience symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction, Depression, Irritability, Excessive Weight Gain and Sleepless Nights. “These are our patients and are the ideal candidates for our program,” explains Dr. Berman. “Not the 32-year-old calling our offices claiming they would like to work out harder and look better at the gym.”

“Essentially, the younger the man, the more scrutinizing the lab profile workup should be,” says Dr. Berman, claiming that a healthy 40-year-old should not suffer from low Testosterone. But if that is the case, it may be due to a myriad of conditions such as infectious diseases like the Mumps and STDs; issues with the Pituitary Gland; consuming certain medications; using Testosterone inappropriately; drug or alcohol abuse; or serious underlying diseases. All of these conditions should be reviewed and addressed prior to therapy and only true Testicular Hypofunction should be treated with Testosterone Therapy.

For those that are not aware, Testosterone Therapy is a very serious and complicated process that needs to be carefully monitored and supervised; it can have extreme consequences if fallen into the wrong hands. Men who do not suffer from true testicular Hypofunction, should not take Testosterone in order to avoid future problems. There is a reason why Testosterone is a controlled substance and is not prescribed freely.

Dr. Berman’s clinic and the Testosterone149 Program is valued as one of the best treatment options. They have a strict policy for patient acceptance, meticulous diagnostic approach and a prudent medication injection regime. “It’s not rocket science,” says Dr. Berman. But “patients need to follow our strict timeline” for best outcomes.

Less is more….

“The fact of the matter Testosterone Therapy is a commitment for the rest of your life; once you start, you won’t want to stop,” says Dr. Berman. “My policy is less is more. You will be surprised at how many patients demand and expect ridiculous Testosterone doses. At these doses, very quickly one will develop a condition similar to Diabetes– when super high levels of Testosterone cause Testosterone resistance in the body and loss of Testosterone effect; increased Estrogen; loss of libido; hair loss; and other unwanted adverse effects.”

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a gradual process that needs to be closely supervised and monitored by a physician. Patients who expect to reach the Testosterone ‘High’ are simply overdosing themselves on Testosterone, causing their bodies to gradually overload the Testosterone receptors and develop a permanent Testosterone ‘Low’ requiring prolonged detoxification periods.

The Testosterone149 Program strives to ensure that all patients achieve optimal levels of Testosterone. This is determined by optimizing Free Testosterone and not by blindly increasing the dose, which you could expect from inexperienced Physicians or clinics. In addition, this approach of increased doses prevents abnormal production of the female hormone Estrogen and significant shrinkage of the testicles, which are common side effects of inappropriate Testosterone Therapy.

Many clinics that recently entered the field of Testosterone supplementation are using doses resembling those used for bodybuilding. Therefore, they almost universally encounter unwanted consequences and thus the need to prescribe Estrogen blockers and HCG to offset side effects. Many of them are not aware that over-suppressing estrogen may lead to Osteopenia (Bone Reabsorption) and loss of sex drive, and that HCG is associated with Gynecomastia (Man Boobs).

The goal of the Testosterone149 Program is to achieve Optimal BALANCE of Hormones, not high Testosterone levels.

The most important thing to remember is that when your body experiences a hormonal shortage, it needs just enough of it –not less and not more.