Article Discusses Skincare and Age Reversal: Skin Care for Women in Their 50’s

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Many women think that nice skin is a luxury of the past once they hit their 50’s, but with the multitude of treatment options on the market today, this is no longer true.’s latest article, “Skin Care in Your 50’s,” covers everything from prodcuts to procedures to help women age gracefully.

Menopause is only one of the many reasons that women in their 50’s need a little help figuring out their skin. Acne can resurface due to the increase in testosterone and slowing down of cell renewal, which is where adult acne treatments come into play. Collagen loss – which occurs as estrogen levels decrease – is among the biggest causes of aging. It leads to wrinkles and saggy skin. Products with vitamin C can help boost collagen production.

According to the article, it is never too late to start using products with alpha hydroxyl acids and retinol. Alpha hydroxyl acids, including glycolic, lactic, tartaric and citric acids, diminish wrinkles and age spots. Begin with concentrations of 10 to 15 percent, and work up if needed. Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and is shown to improve fine lines and wrinkles along with skin tone, color and texture.

For those who spent their younger years sunbathing, drinking and smoking, more drastic measures might be needed, such as a face-lift. The classic face-lift surgery takes two to six hours, and lasts five to 10 years. Choose to add options such as a brow-lift or eye-lid surgery to complete the younger look. Maybe a mini face-lift is all that is needed; an anterior focuses on the lower face, while a posterior lift improves the neck area.

There are also minimally invasive procedures like an autologous fat transplantation, which removes fat from the stomach or bottom and injects it into the skin to get rid of wrinkles. One of the newest procedures in resurfacing technology is fractional resurfacing, which works on a portion of the skin and delves deep into the dermis to promote collagen production using a laser.

Non-surgical procedures like Botox and Restylane have become the popular go-to injectables for a temporary shot of youth. Averaging $ 400 per treatment, Botox banishes wrinkles by blocking acetylcholine, which is responsible for contracting the muscles and creating wrinkles. Restylane – a transparent hyaluronic acid – is typically used for plumping up the lips and smoothing out wrinkles.

Finally, when it comes to makeup, keep it simple. It’s best to avoid powders and heavy eye makeup. Instead, go with soft hues for the eyes, like gray or brown eyeliner. The only drama should be reserved for the upper lashes by using an eyelash curler and mascara. covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these latest articles:

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