Lip Injections And Augmentation

Many people are confused as to exactly how lip injections work. First of all lip injections can sometimes be referred to as lip augmentation. Lip augmentation can include injections, but it also can include the grafting of skin to the lip area. We are mainly going to focus on the injection part as this is much cheaper and gives many women extremely good results.

Lip Injections involve filling the lip with a soft material to create a more full, plump appearance. The soft material is primarily Collagen which is the most used material in association with lip injections.

Collagen is found in the skin of a cow and is great for temporarily augmenting the look of the lips. This collagen is purified but can cause some allergic reactions in some individuals. Because of this possibility of allergic reaction, it is suggested that a sensitivity test be performed at the lip injection clinic of your choice.

Collagen is not the only thing that can be injected into the lips. Fat injections are another common method of achieving full, plump looking lips. The fat is harvested from other areas of your body, most often from your thighs or abdomen area. The greatest thing about this type of injection is that you are not going to have any risk of any type of allergic reaction. Just like with Collagen, the results are temporary and the procedure may be performed more than once to achieve your desired results.

There is a more permanent type of injection that consists of a material called Artecoll, which consists of tiny synthetic beads that stay in the lips permanently. This procedure is new and rare as only a few doctors in the nation have been trained to perform it.

Lip injections on average cost about $ 1,604 a procedure in the United States.

Cost does differ around the nation as the Easter states average $ 1,819, Central States average $ 1,633, and the Midwest average is $ 1,487. This is just the cost of the procedure itself and does not include the price of anesthesia or the cost of the hospital stay.

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