Injection Free Testosterone Replacement Product Turning Heads In Bodybuilding and Anti-Aging Communities

Denver, CO (PRWEB) December 25, 2011

Researchers all over the world have confirmed the effects of testosterone on building muscle and recovery from injury. And now there’s a new OTC testosterone enhancement compound at called DermaGAIN XLT that could be just what the doctor ordered. Strong words for sure. But once the “mechanism of action” is fully explained, so they say, this unbelievable claim will be backed up in the real world, and here’s why.

DermaGAIN XLT fits into a rare breed of testosterone based anabolics called liposomal testosterone stimulants. And according to executives at IMPACT Nutrition (the company that invented it), DermaGAIN XLT is designed to cause hyper activity within the testosterone production cycle, ultimately leading to higher testosterone levels. This is exciting news for the anti-aging community who is always on the lookout for new, effective testosterone products.

But here’s something really interesting. Users of topical delivery products often report more effective gains in the area they are applied. That’s right, even though this isn’t by design; liposomal delivery seems to have a greater initial effect directly in the area it is applied. This oddity should catch the eyes of bodybuilders who are looking to improve on their lagging body parts like calves, biceps, and shoulders.

What can a typical person expect from using DermaGAIN XLT? According to reports, even bodybuilders with prior use of anabolic steroids are getting significant gains in new muscle. Four to Six pounds of lean mass is not unusual over an 8 week cycle. And this is quite amazing considering DermaGAIN XLT contains no synthetic testosterone derivatives. In some cases, DermaGAIN XLT has been used as a post cycle support product as well.

The makers of DermaGAIN XLT stress that it is to be used only by healthy individuals and in conjunction with a consistent weight training program. DermaGAIN XLT also may be better utilized as part of a stack with Equi-Bolan and Maxteron, two other very popular IMPACT Nutrition products.

To learn more about the all new DermaGAIN XLT and other new bodybuilding supplements, go to or call this toll free number, 1-888-987-7748.


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