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If you are between about the ages of 40-55 years old, you would fall into the most common age group of the women that are using Botox injections to give them a much younger and youthful appearance. These injections have become extremely popular across the United States. Chances are that even if you don’t know that someone uses the product, you probably know many people who do. These injections are performed in a physician’s office by a physician who has training in the area of administering Botox injections. It is a good idea to find a physician who has been in this field for many years. There are numerous doctors who are getting trained to do these injections; however, many of them do not do this as their specialty, but just on the side and they don’t have near the experience. This can make a big difference in you outcome of your procedure. You may want to do some checking around and find a good physician who actually specialized in the injections and this type of procedure so that you can be sure they are highly trained and highly experienced in the area.

One of the big benefits to receiving the Botox injections is that it doesn’t require a recovery time. A local anesthetic is used and very tiny needles to inject the Botox. For this reason, you could actually go have the procedure performed at the physician’s office during your lunch hour and return to work right after you are finished with no visible signs that anything had been done. Once the injections are put in, it may take about 3 days for the procedure to work and for you to see the results. The results usually last around 3-6 months after you have the injections. Many people have the injections on a regular basis about every 3-6 months. If you have them done, you will probably be able to see how often you will need to repeat the procedure. This can vary from individual to individual and from specific area to specific area, even in the same individual.

The Botox works by relaxing the muscles in the face or neck in the specific area where the lines or wrinkles are occurring. There are many areas that the injections can be quite effective such as the outer sides of the eyes that people call crow’s feet. The outside of mouth on the side of the face where you get frown lines is another area that can be effectively treated. Between the eyebrows is perhaps the most common area for injections.

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