Facial Rejuvenation With Fat Injections

With the human face, after the prime years, it starts to lose volume and wrinkle similar to a fruit that has become over ripe. The loss of volume (or fat) is attributed to the slowing of the metabolism and gravity which is normal as one ages.

With volume replacement gaining an increase in popularity as a choice for cosmetic surgery, face rejuvenation is within reach.

Volume replacement through Fat Injection is a process where fat has been depleted due to injury or the natural aging process. It fills out hollowed or sagging areas, creating a taut surface for the skin.

Any number of materials are available to cosmetic surgeons for volume replacement, including; Juvederm, Sculptra, Artefill, just to name a few. One of the safest and most common materials used for volume replacement is fat removed from the patient through liposuction, whether as part of another cosmetic surgery procedure or done solely for volume replacement purposes. Once removed, this fat is strategically re-injected into the face to fill out hollowed or wrinkled areas, leaving the patient with smoother, healthier-looking features.

In the first step, fat is removed through tumescent liposuction, a liposuction process performed under local or general anaesthesia that allows fat to be removed with far less bleeding and bruising than traditional liposuction procedures. The liposuction is performed on an area with sufficient excess fat, usually the hips, stomach area, or the thighs.

The second step, the fat is purified and prepared to be re-inserted.

The third step is to re-inject the fat. During this step, the surgeon reinserts the fat, small amounts at a time, into the area to be filled out.

The results of facial volume replacement are, in many ways, similar to the results of a facelift like breast lift san francisco in the younger person, in that the added fat lifts the skin and can be used to re-sculpt the facial features, creating a more vibrant, youthful appearance.

For the older
patient who needs a facelift to remove excess skin, fat injections can be the finishing touch to fill out hollow cheeks and/or the nasal-labial fold (the crease from the corner of the mouth to the nose).

Dr. Miguel Delgado, Jr., FACS, is one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in the San Francisco Bay Area and even do some mommy makeover san Francisco and clients are well satisfied for the outcome as well for the services.

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