Botox Injections

What does Botox involve?

Also known as botulism toxin, Botox refers to a procedure that involves paralyzing body muscles and preventing movements within those muscles through Botox injections. This makes it possible to reduce the appearance of wrinkles that are located around the paralyzed muscles. The effect is an overall appearance of wrinkle-free skin. This procedure is so quick and simple that many patients get their injections over lunch break. Before getting your injections, here are some answers to questions that you might have.

Are there side effects of Botox injections?

Botox injections are generally safe and they produce fantastic results. There are hardly any side effects for prospective Botox patients to worry about. A few people may experience adverse side effects such as bleeding where the injections are carried out. With small needles, this kind of bleeding is not a concern. Another challenge occurs with individuals who are resistant to Botox, and this may require further injections to produce the desired results.

The drooping of eyelids that may occur after people receive injections around the eyes is likely to disappear within a short period of time. The small muscles around the mouth can experience slight paralysis after injections, owing to the minute size of those muscles. The feeling of stiffness soon disappears as well, so there is nothing to worry about.

What do people gain from Botox?

The small injections made in certain areas cause minimal pain and the procedure delivers what it promises. Growing old is inevitable, and it is definitely not a crime. So many people opt to looking younger for as long as they can. Besides helping you to look younger, Botox has many benefits. It is beneficial for people who suffer from excess sweat, eliminates crow”s feet, and large Masseter muscles can be reduced with botox.

There are many more benefits, but too numerous to mention in this article. With the use of small needles, Botox is hardly invasive and the results are impressive. Patients are often pleased with results of the procedure that leaves them looking and feeling revitalized.

How often does one need to get Botox?

The effects of Botox procedures are usually long lasting, although the period of time may vary in relation to different surgeries. It is advisable to consult with the doctor regarding how long Botox lasts because the period is influenced by factors such as the number of Botox units used. Generally, people can expect it to last for six to nine months.

Botox is a simple procedure that is carried out through the use of a small needle. Recovery time is minimal and there are hardly any restrictions after the procedure takes place. People can go about their normal lives without worrying about any adverse physical effects. It is possible to go for the procedure and return to normal daily activities immediately after the surgery.

What does the doctor need to know before giving me Botox?

Patients are encouraged to discuss various aspects of their mental and physical health before receiving Botox treatment. If a patient has a medical condition, the doctor should be informed before the procedure takes place. People who have certain diseases may not qualify for Botox treatment.

Patients also need to inform their doctors about certain medication that they may be taking because these can react negatively with the contents of Botox injections and cause allergic reactions. Blood thinners, for example, increase the chances of excessive bleeding. The doctor can advise the patient to wait for a specified amount of time before going in for the procedure. Whether you are seeking a plastic surgeon for chemical peels, dermal fillers, liposuction, etc, make sure you know your facts before doing so.

So if having flawless skin, legs, and a much younger-looking face is on your priority list right now, botox is your answer. The results of botox injections are usually quick and in many cases can be seen within 48 hours or even less. Consult a good Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for more information, and ask for references. If you do your homework you can expect to get the great results you were looking for.

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