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It was in 1920s that the human growth hormone was for the first time, proven to be a growth promoting one. It was only by the later half of 1980s, that 191-residue protein hormone was synthesised through recombinant processes of DNA. The restorative uses of this substance became practical when large quantities of the recombinant hormone were available.

HGH supplements started being developed in a number of formulations and designs. It is a pity that with the mushrooming of media, communications and internet, advertisements started appearing, which promised things that could not be practically delivered regarding the production of HGH, its release and its effect in the body. For example, there are many companies which introduce growth hormones that are orally administered, that is to say, they are ingested and not injected.

Actually, HGH in the form of an oral product is of hardly any use because the environment in your stomach changes it as non-functional. This does not mean that the same thing goes for an oral HGH releaser like HGH advanced. One should not mistake it to be the same as that of swallowing an HGH pill. The HGH injection often causes chronic and serious side effects within the body, which are some times life-threatening too. Apart from that, the side effects of such growth hormones that are artificially produced, mostly increases with the progression of long term use.


The Washington University conducted a clinical trial with twelve adults who were given HGH injections. They developed fluid retention, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritic symptoms soon after starting the test, which abated when the injection was discontinued.
If an over dose of HGH is injected, there are possibilities for the heart’s size being increased. So it is highly recommended that if at all, you are preparing to take the HGH injections, it should be under the supervision of a well-qualified and experienced physician or an endocrinologist.
One should always remember that there are chances of contamination of needles and other equipments related to treatment, when they are shared. There can be blood traces left on the slides or any one of the hardware, increasing the risk of the blood borne viruses, which include HIV and Hepatitis too, being transmitted. Before injecting, if the skin is not thoroughly cleansed, there are guaranteed chances of bacteria and dirt infiltrating the blood stream, causing infection, injury and inflammation to the blood vessels. If non-sterile equipment is introduced into the blood, there are more than high chances of infections and also poisoning.
Other infections caused due to the careless putting of injections may develop ulcers, gangrene and thrombosis. HGH injections may be often, an easy and quick way to help fight the ageing effects, but the simple truth is that it is not meant for everyone.
Apart from the fact that it has many side effects associated with its injection, another thing to bear in mind is that, only a licensed physician is authorised to prescribe the therapy. Moreover, the cost of this therapy may go up to $ 16, 000. So, it is definitely better to opt for more efficient and practical natural supplements available in the market which have increased benefits and yet, less cost.

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