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Beverly, MA (Vocus) November 25, 2008

Research by the staff at Ameripure Technologies LLC,, a leading distributor of air purification products, has uncovered a study assessing fourteen of the most popular air freshener brands. They found that 12 contained toxic phthalates. Phthalates are chemicals that can cause hormonal abnormalities, birth defects and reproductive problems as well as other illnesses. The senior scientist who led that study; Gina Solomon stated, “It’s not clear what dose is necessary to create negative health effects, but I’ve always recommended avoiding excessive exposure to these chemicals, especially for pregnant women.” Frequent contact with phthalates has been known to cause cancer, reduce fertility, and lower testosterone and sperm levels in infants which may result in malformed sex organs. These chemicals are usually found in paint, cosmetics and nail polishes, said Solomon. They’re added to air fresheners to suspend and circulate the artificial scents and should not be considered an air purification device. These do not create pure air in any way. According to the study, three-quarters of U.S. consumers use air fresheners in their homes.

Ameripure Technologies has also uncovered recent studies published in Europe on aerosol air fresheners. One study conducted by a leading University in England supports a link to diarrhea and earaches in infants as well as headaches and depression in their mothers. University research has also shown a connection between the numerous chemical compounds found in these products and other significant illnesses such as allergies, asthma and even cancer. There is an even greater danger for pregnant women and people with heart and lung disease.

Air Fresheners contain Volatile Organic Compounds, VOC’s, which are irritants for the lungs, eyes and skin. These toxic chemicals have properties linked to solvents and paint thinners and react with other cleaning materials and even home furnishings to create unhealthy indoor air quality. These products are not to be considered air purifiers or air cleaners in any way. They can actually make you sick.

In a study dubbed, “The Children of the 90s”, the health and development of 14,000 children were followed since before birth. According to the study, interviews with 10,000 mothers and visits to homes of 170 children whose mothers used air fresheners daily had nearly 10% more severe headaches and were more than 26% more likely to experience clinical depression. In addition, 32% of their babies had diarrhea, compared with homes that use air fresheners only on a weekly basis. A significant increase in earache and vomiting were also experienced. Pregnant women and babies may be more susceptible since they spend more time at home; however, it is believed that all occupants of the home will be affected by the toxic home air environment created by the VOC contamination in the air fresheners. The use of various other commercial cleaning products in combination with these air fresheners may result in more complicated detrimental effects due to the intricate mixture of poisonous chemicals.

Ameripure Technologies’ staff suggests new All-Natural ‘Filterless’ alternatives that do a far better job of eliminating odors and also kill mold, mildew and germs yet do not contain any harmful chemical contaminants. “A filterless air purifier or air cleaner will remove odors plus kill germs in the air and on surfaces without harsh chemicals which is a safe alternative to these unhealthy air fresheners so popular today .” For a selection of filterless type products, we recommend that you take a look at our website:

Plug in aerosol Air Fresheners have also been reported to be a Fire Hazard.

Fire experts in England have issued an urgent home safety warning after five homes have burned, the cause: faulty plug-in air fresheners.

The latest victim Pauline Coppen, said today: “My advice is to not buy them because they could burn your house down.”

Safety officers, revealed all five blazes have happened over the last two months and are advising people to make sure they buy only approved products, not cheap, sub-standard items from bargain basement shops.

The note of caution was sounded after just such a product caused a hallway fire at a 66-year-old woman’s three-story home yesterday. She said: “I won’t be buying another air freshener after this. I could have lost everything.”

She was in her garden when she heard the smoke alarm burst into life. “I heard beeping and then saw the fire in the hallway. If I had not been at home, it could have been very nasty indeed. The freshener had only been plugged in for a few minutes.”

Fire spokesman Alan Gilson, confirmed that this was the fifth fire in the last two months where the cause was a plug-in type air freshener. “People should treat these devices like any other plug-in appliance and that means unplugging them when leaving the property,” said Commander Gilson after the 9:20am alarm. The product’s melting plastic dripped on to a pair of Reebok training shoes which caught fire, sending flames up the wall and triggering the nearby smoke detector.

“When your Air Freshener flashes on and off, it is a warning sign, turn it off, immediately!” This investigator said he personally wouldn’t have any type of plug-in fragrance emitting device anywhere in his house. He has seen too many places that have had fires due to them. The plastic from which these inexpensive cheaply made units is extremely thin and volatile.

In summary; these air fresheners blow chemical contamination into your home which perfumes and disguises the odors in your household by injecting breathable chemicals into the air you breathe. The chemicals are sometimes toxic and certain brands of the units themselves may actually pose a fire hazard . They not only poison you, they also can potentially start a fire, as in the case of some, may even burn your home to the ground.

The air purifier that the staff at Ameripure Technologies recommends using is a Filterless Plasma-type such as the Biozone Air Purifier or Pure Indoor Systems product. Also recommended are the very cost effective whole house ‘Induct’ type products such as the Pure Indoor induct air purifier system. They work by circulating treated air throughout your home via the ductwork. These units feature an all-natural, safe and effective method of removing bad odors. Laboratory studies have demonstrated the ability to kill mold, mildew and germs, particularly on surfaces. The products are cost effective and are designed to last for many years as opposed to buying a new air fresheners every couple of weeks or days. Buying those little air fresheners are expensive as well as potentially dangerous to the health of your family, friends and even your beloved pets. Best of all, this equipment is a safe ‘Green Technology’.

We recommend Ameripure Technologies LLC because of our knowledgeable sales team and excellent customer service. You can learn more by visiting or for additional information, please call the Toll Free line at: 866 745 1540.



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