Ageless Men’s Health Testosterone Replacement Clinic Opens in Austin

Austin, TX (PRWEB) November 28, 2011

Ageless Men’s Health, a wellness clinic dedicated to assisting men with low testosterone levels is proud to announce the opening of their latest facility in Austin, Texas.

The facility opened prior to Thanksgiving, and Austin is the fifteenth location for the company. The clinic is located at 13435 U.S. 183, #302, and is east of 183, just south of Anderson Mill Road, approximately 16 miles north of downtown Austin.

Unlike menopause in women, in which the body halts production of estrogen, men experie0nce a gradual loss of sex hormones starting around 30. By the age of 80, about half of men experience symptoms of low testosterone including:

A drop in sex drive
Poor erections
Low sperm count
Enlarged breasts
Loss of bone density and muscle mass
Memory loss
Mood changes and depression

These symptoms are a good barometer for determining whether a man is a candidate for testosterone therapy. Once symptoms are identified, the next step is for the prospective patient to complete an initial consultation and medical evaluation, including a blood panel.

If a man’s testosterone levels are under the recommended levels, he then can begin testosterone replacement therapy. Therapy involves an injection of testosterone cypionate, an injectable, bio-identical testosterone. Injections are given approximately every 7-10 days depending on each individual’s response to treatment.

Men who live in the Austin area who think they may be a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy can take a testosterone deficiency quiz at Depending on how a man answers the quiz, they may wish to set up a consultation to learn more about their options.

For more information on the Austin clinic, contact Ageless Men’s Health at (512) 250-5300.

Ageless Men’s Health has been dedicated to assisting men with low testosterone levels since opening our first clinic in 2007. Now with 15 locations in eight metropolitan areas including New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Memphis, and Atlanta, Ageless Men’s Health remains focused on the men’s needs based upon reported symptoms and tested levels during their initial and ongoing evaluations.