All About Dermal Filler Injections

Besides fighting the signs of aging, these fillers are also used to plump lips and improve an area marred by a scar.

Who Are Authorized To Apply Dermal Fillers Injection To You?

The right person to apply these filler injections depend on the US State you are in. In some, only a licensed medical professional can apply the injection while in some only a medical doctor can do it. Some allow doctor’s assistants, nurse practitioner or nurses to inject dermal fillers but they have to be under the supervision and direction of a trained and licensed medical doctor during the procedure.

Training for injecting dermal filler

Different fillers have different training and certification and anyone doing dermal fillers injections must be trained in that form. In an intensive one or two day workshop, medical doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and other individuals with prior medical training, are trained and certified for providing dermal fillers. In the training, they are taught on how to review physiology as well as facial anatomy and courses on technique, proper preparation of filler and anesthetics. Such courses offering certification also have hand-on training workshops where live models are used for training the attendees.

The Different Type Of Training Courses

There are many kinds of dermal fillers injections in the market and so naturally there are various certification courses on them. So an administrator of facial fillers has to learn about the technique, risk and usage of each one of the fillers. Some common filler include Restylane used for giving a volume to the skin, Juvederm that works for lip augmentation and wrinkles and Radiesse that offers long lasting effect.

Then there are spas and dermatologists who have certification of dermal fillers made of fats taken from the patient’s own body.

The Risk Factor

As an informed user, you should also know about the risk factor regarding dermal fillers injections. It is one of the reasons why there are stringent laws in place regarding derma filler training and certification courses. These courses make sure that the inherent risks are negated as much as possible. The trainees are taught on how to properly prepare those fillers and the proper sanitation that should be maintained during the procedure. The trainees are also taught to handle the case of allergic reaction a patient may develop after an dermal filler injection and also how to stop common side effects like bruising and lumps from occurring.

What You Should Know

If you are interested in receiving these facial fillers, first of all be sure that your medical provider has the proper education and training on the fillers that has been chosen. You should never shy away from asking questions regarding the experience of the nurse or the doctor with the type of dermal filler who are being injected with. Also ask about associated risks and the most common result he or she has seen. Never just take filler because it was prescribed for you; ask why that type has been recommended for you. Lastly ask for an allergy testing beforehand if you are using that filler for the first time.

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