Reasons for elevated testosterone in your body

A accurate Testosterone degree in men is a must to maintain a fine health. If you come across a low Testosterone in anyone’s body he is going to face fatal issues. There are number of fatal healthiness issues like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes which can attack men with low T. Therefore it is imperative to elevate the Testosterone extent in your body. Moreover, even women with lowtestosterone face reproductive issues. Hence finding the deficiency in both men and women is certainly not a fine thing in both the sexes. In men the Testosterone is developed in the testes while in female they are found in their ovaries. With the advent of Testosterone in any boy he gets the puberty stage in the bodies and thus gets the sexuality factor in him. But in women having a low T can be permitted to a great degree except in the cases of reproductive things. The behind are the top ways and means to boost your testosterone degree in men’s body:

The Fatty Foods: If you frequently consume fatty foods you are bound to boost the testosterone levels in your body. According to a study of MedlinePlus it is proved that the having regular fatty stuffs can increase the testosterone extent in your body. There are so myriad commercial food plus the fast food which are rich in fats which can help you increase your testosterone degree in men’s body. Thus you can also try effects like the fried chicken, French fries, potato chips, meats, dips, bacon and hot dogs and so on. With these food you can simply elevate your testosterone level in your body .

The Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: With the help of the PCOS or the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome you will find a boost in testosterone extent in the ovaries among the women and girls. When you find this syndrome among women you can notice their enlarged size of ovaries, acne increase, excess hair increase, improper menstruation periods and an increase in weight. As per about 10% of girls and women are witnessed with this type of syndrome .

The Ovarian Steroid Stem Cell Tumor: The Ovarian Steroid Stem Cell Tumor is pretty rare thing to seen amongst the people. According to a amount of studies organized at various medical science institutes approximately 0.1 percent of total ovarian tumors are reported among the human bodies. With this category of tumor coming in the body you will find the testosterone level increasing in human bodies. The signs and symptoms seen with this tumor is pretty similar to the same reported in the polycystic Ovary Syndrome. However, when this tumor is detached the level of testosterone starts going down in the women’s body.

The Anabolic Androgenic Steroids: When you use the anabolic androgenic steroids is another reason of increasing the testosterone levels. Men and women both are seen being affected by these steriods. The men are seen with an increase of hormones and muscles in their bodies, whereas the females generally witness some other health issues. These take account of baldness, deep kind of voice and the enlargement of clitoris. This was reported by a fitness institute recognized as National Institute on Drug Abuse.

A accurate Testosterone degree in men is a must to maintain a fine health. If you come across a low Testosterone in anyone’s body he is going to face fatal issues.

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