Finally An Answer To: What Is The Best Treatment For Acne?

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) November 26, 2013

Clearogen is a 3-step acne solution system that is able to reduce irritation and prevent future acne breakouts. Dr. Alex Khadavi believes that hormone byproducts are the main contributor to acne breakouts. In women especially, the breakout size and location can be linked directly to the menstrual cycle. The overproduction of the hormones (occurs mainly during puberty and during a woman’s menstrual cycle) creates an overstimulation to the pores leaving the pores clogged, resulting in acne. Clearogen is the first and only skincare product available that is able to address the acne and irritation on the skin with natural ingredients. This topical solution is a healthy natural alternative to the synthetic products often purchased to combat the irritation of prepubescent and adult acne.

DHT a hormone byproduct, also known as Di-hydro-testosterone, is the source for acne breakouts and affects both men and women ranging in age from pre-teen to adult. Dr. Alex’s topical product, Clearogen is made up of natural ingredients that work together to prevent the overstimulation of glands and decreases the occurrence of DHT and it’s ability to affect the skin.

When DHT increases due to an increase in the body’s hormones, oil glands are attacked, causing them to overproduce oil which leads to blackheads, whiteheads, red bumps and even cysts. Acne irritation and breakouts can lead to scarring, which can lead to permanent damage to the skin. This product focuses only on the irritation on the skin and does not have any side effects or lasting effects to the body as a whole. Dr. Alex stands by the development of and practice of his topical solution for acne. Learn more about Clearogen ( and how this topical product can help you take control of your skin.