Dr. Florence Comite Launches Book Entitled Keep It Up a Man’s Guide to Recognizing Aging & Taking Action to Maintain & Restore All the Masculine Qualities Prized in Youth

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 08, 2013

Packed with wisdom, candor, and cutting-edge science explained in casual, user-friendly terms, Keep It Up, The Power of Precision Medicine… is every man’s guide to recognizing aging and taking action to maintain and restore all the masculine qualities he prized in his youth. In Keep It Up: The Power of Precision Medicine to Conquer Low T and Revitalize Your Life (Rodale Books; ISB: 978-1-60961-101-9; October 8, 2013; $ 26.99; 336 pages), personalized health expert and endocrinologist, Dr. Florence Comite provides men in their thirties and beyond with the actionable advice they need to understand andropause and work to regain the physical strength, fitness, sexual drive, and overall vigor of their twenties. In a voice that is both supportive and realistic, Comite shows men how to take charge of their health, request thorough diagnostic evaluation, including tests that are not typically done—and analyze their crucial health numbers with the attention they normally pay to their financial portfolios or stats of their favorite sports teams. Such personal ownership of one’s health makes a difference, according to her patients. Says JetBlue founder David Neeleman: “Thanks to Dr. Comite’s approach of Precision Medicine I’ve regained the body, strength, and energy I had in my thirties. I feel like a new man – a healthier one.”

About The Book

http://www.KeepItUptheBook.com The Power of Precision Medicine to Conquer Low T and Revitalize Your Life.

Florence Comite, M.D., is a graduate of Yale School of Medicine at Yale University, where she was on the faculty for 25 years. She completed a fellowship at the National Institute of Health, received multidisciplinary training in adult and pediatric endocrinology as well as gynecology and andrology, and has published extensively in peer reviewed literature. Dr. Comite is known for her work in clinical hormone research, and as the founder of Women’s Health at Yale in the early 90s. Currently, Dr. Comite has a private Precision Medicine practice in New York City, focused on enabling men and women to reclaim their health.


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