Benefits of Testosterone Therapy


Many long-term benefits of testosterone therapy in males with low testosterone levels, whether by way of testosterone injections, testosterone gels, or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The most frequently described benefits include feelings of wellness and friendliness, and increased energy levels and libido, while reducing negative moods, such as anger, nervousness, and irritability.

Transdermal testosterone replacement therapy, including testosterone gels, is linked to positive changes in fatigue, mood, and sexual function, as well as increased sexual activity. Parenteral testosterone replacement (testosterone injections) in men with Low T resulted in improved strength and increased hemoglobin. In another study, testosterone administration also increased skeletal muscle protein synthesis and strength in elderly men. Improvement in bone density has also been shown with testosterone replacement therapy; all clearly emphasizing the clinical benefit of testosterone replacement therapy for the physical fitness of hypogonadal men.

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